Weisswasser (Oberlausitz) and UAE National Day 2019

Weisswasser (Oberlausitz)
UAE National Day

We received such a warm welcome in Weisswasser, and it was a thrill to perform for the community and visitors of this small town in eastern Saxony, Germany. We were so grateful for the beautiful reception that awaited us after the concert, which was followed by a bit of playing around on stage before taking a bus back home. We were touched by the thanks and lovely comments that we received upon our return home from the organizer. 
We would also like to thank the United Arab Emirates for their support and the opportunity to celebrate UAE National Day at the Embassy in Berlin.  
As we begin 2020 and the start to a new decade,  we continue to hold much gratitude for the understanding that currently exists between people and different nations. We carry hope for the continued growth of understanding between the areas of difference in our societies. May the music and sounds of voices united bring us all closer to peace.

November 26, 2019

United Arab Emirates National Day
December 2, 2019

Barbara Leifer presented with a gift by the Chargee d’affaires, HE Mohamed Alharbi