Konzert Україна

Konzert Україна
at the Rotes Rathaus and Dresdner Kreuzkirche


 On November 2nd, 2023, The Diplomatic Choir of Berlin sang at the Rotes Rathaus in support of Ukrainian musicians who have had to flee their homeland as a result of the ongoing war.  Over the past year and a half, the choir has been joined by Ukrainian musicians through efforts to help such musicians find a musical life in Berlin.  


 We would like to warmly thank our sponsors over these past ten years and to recognize the sponsors of these past two concerts: Catherine von Fürstenberg-Dussmann, U.S. Embassy, Berlin Senate, Sächsische Staatskanzlei, Dresdner Kreuzkirche, Würth Stiftung, Klavierhaus Weber – Dresden, 50hertz | Elia Group, and Pullman Hotels and Resorts – Dresden Newa.

Rotes Rathaus - 2. November 2023

Photo credit: usbotschaftberlin

Dresdner Kreuzkirche – 11. November 2023

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Thank you to our sponsors!

Catherine von